Smart Cards

Smart Cards

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Financial Industry

Jing King Tech has a first world magnetic stripe and chip card production line catering mainly to the financial industry. As of 2015, Jing King Tech holds the 8th global position in the shipment of Micro-processor Chip cards (as according to the Nilson Report). Our cards serve the global markets – Asia, Europe, North and South Americas and Africa.

Our Smart cards are in accordance to the standard of China Union Pay, VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We also provide hot stamping of signature strip, hologram labels, printing, embossing code information and card personalization.


Social Security

Our products in the social security sector includes Social Security IC cards, Financial Social Security IC Cards, health insurance cards and card readers. Jing King Tech’s integrated social security card solution covers not just the manufacturing of the cards, but also the software development for data collection, the technical implementations and support and applications. With our wealth of experience, Jing King Tech has the resources to facilitate and further extend the functions of a social security card such as incorporating “e-wallets”, achieving a multi-functional card purpose.



Mobile communications has been rapidly evolving in the past years, with development of complex mobile applications, a SIM card is not used just for the purpose of calls and messages. Consumers now use this as a lifestyle tool- transactions or downloads. As a globally leading SIM card manufacturer, Jing King Tech has the capabilities to provide contact/ contact-less SIM card technology solutions incorporated with UICC and NFC technologies, catering to the advancement of Mobile Communication Technology.


Transport & Others

A Smart city needs a Smart transportation system. Jing King Tech provides contact-less CPU cards for public transport, access controls and electronic wallets, ensuring a faster, efficient and cost effective mass transit system.