Data Cryptography

Data Cryptography

Data Cryptography is the translation of data from a readable state into codes – the central of data confidentiality, data integrity and authentication.

This process is based on mathematical theory and computer science practice. Jing King Tech has a team of researchers specializing in the formation of encryption algorithms and constantly strengthen our techniques to ensure that all confidential data are computationally secure.

Keeping personal data safe does not have to be difficult.

We encrypt sensitive data and place them under your control.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

is a short-ranged wireless technology to exchange data between two devices. This is usually implemented in contact-less payment systems.

With the rapid development of Mobile internet technology, NFC technology has gradually become a standard configuration of Smartphones. Having professional expertise in remote authentication and safe transaction, Jing King Tech has developed a pioneering solution for NFC Smartphones with dual-interfaced cards, dedicated to banks.

We provide secure authentication of electronic channels such as online banking or phone banking. It supports Time-based OTP, transaction signature OTP, response OTP and other methods.