Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology

Biometric Technology is the authentication of an individual through using behavioural or physical traits.

At Jing King Tech, we develop our own biometric authentication softwares and algorithms, specializing in Facial recognition, Finger-vein authentication and voice recognition. Biometric authentication is easy to use and does not require personal contact for authentication. Our biometric technology can be used for security or customer identification, servicing several markets including Retail, Banks & Financial Institutions, Airports, Law enforcement or commercial security.

About Facial Recognition

Jing King Tech’s facial recognition technology is independently developed which is able to self-learn over time and differentiate between Hispanic, Caucasian, South Asian and Asian faces. Employing a 3-layer caching model, our facial recognition technology is able to capture and compare images on a much faster speed as compared to other conventional readers. This technology includes facial identification, face tracking, facial points reading and facial point confirmation.

Facial Recognition process


The system is able to detect faces, locate key facial landmarks such as moles and collect feature points. All these will then be translated into coded data for storage. All that is required of the user is to look left and right for collection and authentication – improving a business’ speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Application & Benefits

  • Quick & Secure authentication – Identity authentication is quick yet secure. Collection and authentication done within seconds
  • Increase customer service – The facial recognition system is able to recognize VIP walk-ins, sending a signal to the back office / Relationship Managers. VIPs can get a personalized welcome on screen and by the staff upon entering.
  • Send Alarm – An alarm / notification can be sent to the back office in the case of blacklisted customers.  
  • Record & Track– Record and track authorized and unauthorized movement of staff personnel/ customers
  • Face ID– Using Face ID as a form of authentication solution to perform transactions- leading to a cashless and card-less society.

About Finger-vein Authentication

Jing King Tech produces our own Finger vein recognition readers which are fast and accurate at FFR 0.001%. It employs Infrared technology – reads, captures and matches the finger vein pattern of finger beneath the skin. Unlike fingerprint authentication, which can be compromised or duplicated, finger vein recognition is highly resistant to fraud and forgery. It is also contactless and user friendly.


finger vein authentication process

Benefits & Scenarios

  • Anti-fraud – Finger-Vein Authentication uses an inner-body data which requires a live finger, making it highly resistant to fraud and forgery
  • Ease of Use – Collection and authentication is contactless and requires not more than 5 seconds
  • Maximum Security – Suitable for areas requiring high security such as data centres, vaults, offices
  • Access Control – Control access to areas requiring identity authentication. Level of security can be customized: requiring a 2FA such as a PIN/ RFID or just finger-vein authentication.
  • Log System – Easy maintenance of staff clock-in / clock-out
  • Finger-vein ID – Using Finger-vein ID as a form of authentication solution to perform transactions, leading to a cashless and card-less society