About ADERA Global

ADERA is a Singapore global company changing the future of data security and automation. We are a dynamic collaboration of human and technology, leveraging more than 35 years of expertise working with financial institutions, governments and enterprises to create smart, secure and seamless customer experiences.

Trust is our algorithm. Strong customer relationships are coded in our DNA. From digital identification, biometric and image processing, payment solutions, automation, data analytics, and smart cards – ADERA’s cutting-edge, transformative solutions are driven forward by a deep understanding of customers, always anticipating what they need even before they do.

At the backbone of ADERA is the power of AI. More than artificial intelligence, AI is defined by our collaborative culture of Activating Ideas – over 200 R&D engineers innovating and harnessing new technology every day, always working together to Advance Intelligence for a better and safer future.

At ADERA, we don’t just adapt to the future.

We advance it.

Advancing the frontiers of a secure world.

ADERA has come a long way since its inception in 1984. In our group latest transformation, we embarked on a new strategic direction.

With clear focus on our customers’ needs, we consolidated technologies and knowhow via a more agile product development approach we are now able to offer a complete suite of solutions to Banks, FIs & Government sectors. Our sectors especially in the payment and transactions arena are constantly changing with new technologies and regulatory changes.

Focus on our core competence of Trusted Manufacturing and Services, we are now able to deliver both secured products like next gen smartcards, mobile transactional and POS applications, banking automation kiosks and cloud based BPO services to our customers. With the addition of DataPost Group in 2015, we have a great platform to service international banks more effectively. I look forward to the realization of ADERA being a significant and trusted supplier to banking and FI customers globally. The speed of the change in our industry is challenging yet presents many new opportunities.

Our diversity in new products, technology, and heavy investment in research development will enable us to sustain our competitive edge. Our commitment to provide a positive work environment for our staff enables them to excel and deliver trusted quality products to our customers. We constantly seek and continuously strengthen partnerships with our strategic alliances and industry leaders to fulfill our commitment to the industry.

-Foreword by Mr. Lennon Tan, Group Chairman

OUR vision

Our Visionary Direction

Advancing the frontiers of a Secure world

ADERA’s Belief

A new era begins with ADERA

An era of partnership between people and technology,

Artificial and human intelligence,

ADERA and businesses – converging as one